who we are

Competitive Edge Strategic Development Services (CESD Services) Inc. was established in 2013.
At the time, CESD Services focused on Supplier Development for companies seeking to become or maintain their presence in the aerospace, aviation maintenance-repair-overhaul, and defence manufacturing industries.
Today, CESD Services focuses on the areas of Leadership, Operations (Operational Excellence), and Personnel. With clients in Canada and abroad, we place the highest importance on ensuring we meet or exceed our customers' expectations for product delivery and a positive business relationship.

Our Mission

Facilitate Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) organizations to perform at their optimum level and effectively compete in the global marketplace.

Our Vision

Our strategic partnerships enable SME organizations to be contenders in the global market place and punch “above their weight”.

Our Values

  • We are visionary, and we continuously seek to improve our programs and services in order to meet or exceed our customers’ needs in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • We are tolerant, inclusive, and honour diversity both internally and as we implement solutions for our customers. 
  • We are honest with ourselves and with others. We are ethical in our dealings, transparent and accountable for our actions as we carry out the activities of our organization.
  • We are proactive in our strategic and operations planning, innovative in the solutions we implement, and responsive to our customers’ needs.

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