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Whether you engage with us for the Competitive Edge Program, or a single project, our philosophy is to involve your organization in creating and implementing the solution.  We provide coaching to project champions and change agents to ensure that your organization will permanently adopt the successful behaviours and systems that will help you rocket past your competition.

Management Operating System (MOS) Development and Deployment

Linking Daily Weekly and Monthly Activities with the Business Plan to Support the Journey.

Research conducted by Franklin/Covey Co. and also the Harris Group found that Senior Organization and Operations Management spends an average of 33% of their time doing activities that are urgent but not relevant to the organization’s success strategy. There is another common description to this activity:  Fire-Fighting.

How can an organization succeed in this scenario?  We would argue that they cannot.

CESD Services can help by developing and deploying an overall Management Operating System (MOS) for your organization.  Our integrated solution is designed to provide leaders with a means to review the performance of their company in a concise way, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

Our system is customized to your business and provides the key success factors that leading global companies use to manage their business with excellence:  Visibility of Expectations and Results, Continuous Improvement, Leveraging Leaders Up from Daily Fire-Fighting, and Integrating Operations Excellence into daily, weekly, and monthly activities in a focused way.

A CESD Services consultant will work with your leadership team to develop and deploy a Management Operating System (MOS) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Your organization will benefit from :

  • Focused for Management and Employees (Sense and Meaning)
  • Clear Visual Statements of Expectations
  • Clear Review Of Results
  • Engagement from Employees to Solve Problems
  • Leveraging of Leadership Up from Daily Fire-Fighting
  • Accountability for Corrective Actions and Results

Problem Solving Training (Root Cause Analysis)

A Personal Ability to Solve Problems is an Essential Life Skill. An Organization’s Ability to Effectively Solve Problems is a Competitive Advantage.

The world is accelerating and your team needs to rapidly identify and respond to problems to minimize the impact to your customers and your organization’s reputation.  Unfortunately, many organizations have developed a great method for fixing the symptoms of a problem instead of finding the root cause of the problem and permanently solving it.

CESD Services can help your organization to model world class problem solving and problem solving tools.

Our problem solving training has been implemented at leading organizations in Canada, and Europe.  We’ve helped these organizations get out of the rut of dialy “fire-fighting” and instead implement a focused, repeatable, defendable process for problem solving.  Whether you are a large, small or medium sized organization, these skills matter.

We will coach your team in learning :

  • Why problem solving is important
  • Defining the term “Problem”
  • Problem Solving Processes – Why have them?
  • Recognition of Problems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Evaluating Potential Solutions
  • Making the Decision
  • Action Plans
  • Monitoring Results (Confirmation)

Project and Risk Management Fundamentals

CESD Services Project Management and Risk Management Fundamentals Courses develops the understanding of accepted knowledge areas and best practices for Project and Risk Management.

Each course aligns to the requirements of the CESD Services Competitive Edge Supplier Development Program.  Each course is 36 interactive classroom hours and includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.   Project and Risk Management are discussed from the perspectives of the Project Manager, the Project Sponsor, and the Stakeholders.

CESD Services Project and Risk Management Fundamentals Courses focus on the core knowledge areas and are in agreement with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

After completing the coursework, participants are able to :

Describe :

  • Project and Risk Management Frame Works
  • Project and Risk Management Processes and Interactions
  • Project and Risk Management Knowledge Areas
  • The process to Develop and Integrate Project Plans and Risk Management Plans

Identify and Document :

  • Stakeholder Needs and Expectations
  • Project Deliverables and Work Breakdown Structures
  • Resources and Costing Requirements, and Budgets to Support
  • Estimates of Efforts and Time Required – Developing a Schedule
  • Risks, Responses, and Mitigation

Organize :

  • People

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