Clients Say

Karl Lee Site Director - Gardner Aerospace (United Kingdom)

This support has helped us to focus the management team on the key measures of performance and the need to rapidly solve day to day problems.

Jason Kendall Director - Keewatin Air LP (Canada)

We wanted a system where our team, employees and management, were more aware of opportunities and that would allow us to team together to become more efficient.

Julian Kulbacki General Manager - Enduron Custom Inc. (Canada)

We are now able to visualize problems rapidly due to the team boards.  We can target improvements, and make improvements which immediately are reflected in our results.  The Team Boards give us visibility and accountability at the front lines to determine solutions that will solve the root cause of problems, not just put a Band-Aid over them.

Mike McCartan PRM - KF Aero Defence Services (Canada)

The workshop (Strategic Skills Planning and Development) was informative and will bring added value to myself and to the organization. The instructor was passionate about this subject and the materials. We will be able to apply what we learned. WellDone!

George Angus Canadian Helicopters (Canada)

The workshop (Coaching for Leaders) was very well presented and easy to understand. I found this workshop very informative and helpful.

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