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Competitive Edge Strategic Development Services (CESD Services) is a professional business consulting service provider that specializes in assisting small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) to be more competitive and able to perform to their optimum level.
CESD Services is a visionary company providing proven, measured and impactful results. Our solutions are customized to the specific needs of the client after careful analysis of their internal and external environments. Our array of products and methods of consulting help make your organization’s evolution a structured journey, with the focus you need to be successful.
We know that finding a way to the front of the pack in the global competition for customers, services, and suppliers means you need to match your company’s competitive advantages against those of your competitors that may be a world away.  Strategic and operational differentiation and the ability to integrate with your customers are the keys to unlock the advantages you need.
We can review the critical differentiators of your business, help to prioritize, develop action plans to enable you to achieve your goals, and get you where you need to be. We believe that you will succeed more rapidly when you have an experienced coach to customize solutions to your unique operating environment.
CESD Services’ premier product is:  the Competitive Edge Supplier Development Program (CESDP) which follows a benchmarked and progressive “learner to world class” development model, enabling companies to embed the critical business systems required by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their most important suppliers (Tier 1 integrators.)  Meeting OEM business and Tier 1 standards allows SMBs to compete and “punch above their weight”.  In addition, CESD Services organizes training workshops for individuals and companies on the topics of:  management, HR, and leadership. We continually improve our programs to ensure our clients are positioned to succeed. We value the qualities of: honesty, ethical dealings, transparency, accountability, and diversity.
Whether you engage with us for the Competitive Edge Program, or a single project, our philosophy is to involve your organization in creating and implementing the solution.  We provide coaching to project champions and change agents to ensure that your organization will permanently adopt the successful behaviours and systems that will help you rocket past your competition.
Our Key Services Are In The Areas Of:
  • Leadership
  • Operations Excellence
  • Personnel
  • The Competitive Edge Supplier Development Program (CESDP)

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