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Whether you engage with us for the Competitive Edge Program, or a single project, our philosophy is to involve your organization in creating and implementing the solution.  We provide coaching to project champions and change agents to ensure that your organization will permanently adopt the successful behaviours and systems that will help you rocket past your competition.

Strategic Plan Development

Achieve a Bright Future - Capture and Act on Your Organization’s Competitive Advantages

We support organization owners and senior leaders to the develop their roadmap to their future.

CESD Services facilitates the development of organization strategic planning with Small to Medium Sized Business (SMBs) Owners and their senior leadership.

Working with an experienced CESD Services Consultant, we will ask you senior team key questions about your organization including your past, the present, and the future.  We will aid you in conducting a full internal and external environmental scan, and capture your organization’s competitive advantages.  We will also categorize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Next, we will assist the senior leadership team in evaluating and prioritizing your opportunities, and determine the course for your business to achieve success.  Lastly, we will develop a road map to set the journey in motion.

Strategic Plan Deployment

Separate Your Business from the Rest of the Pack

Get Into the Top 10 Percent of Businesses

CESD Services facilitates the deployment of your organization strategic plan through the installation of a visual management and review process that meets the key success factors as practiced by world class organizations like:  Airbus, BAE Systems, Eurocopter, Roll-Royce, Land-Rover, Jaguar, Harley-Davidson, and over 40 other global companies.

Many organizations construct a strategic plan.  However where it comes to implementing and executing their plan, they fall short of their goals.  In fact, studies by Harvard and Queen’s Universities show that over 90% of organizations that have a strategic plan do not execute all the elements they deemed necessary to survive and succeed.  Only 10% of organizations implement their strategic plans fully and successfully.  So in our opinion, 90% of organizations are at risk of failing.  We often say:  90% of organizations are so far behind the leading 10% that some members of this lagging group actually believe they are winning the global race.  Usually, and unfortunately, this false world collapses in a very dramatic fashion, when the organization comes face to face with an “unexpected” catastrophe or crisis.

While much has been published in order to help develop strategic business plans, there is very little practical advice or systems that aid organization leaders in deploying strategic business plans.  CESD Services defines deployment as:  assigning accountability, communicating, engaging all levels of the organization, tracking/auditing, correcting course, and continuously improving the strategic plan.  Deployment is the Do – Check – Act of the Plan – Do – Check – Act Cycle.  The top 10% of organizations have very robust systems for deploying their plans.  As you might expect, the bottom 90% usually are struggling to deploy their plan, and sometimes, have no idea where to begin.

CESD Services has worked with the top 10%.  Our Strategic Plan Deployment Tools satisfy the key success factors that over 90% of organizations struggle to achieve:

  • We provide visual management system (VMS) tools to ensure everyone knows the plan.
  • We provide tools to leverage leadership away from daily fire-fighting activities and focus their efforts on strategic plan implementation
  • We implement systems that integrate strategic plan deployment into daily and weekly activities

Our method for customizing a solution for your organization is to :

  1. Develop your organization’s Control Room Standard Operating Procedure (Control Room SOP)
  2. Train all Stakeholders
  3. Deploy the Tools
  4. Process Confirm the Control Room SOP has been embedded into the organizations operating philosophy and activities.

Leadership Infrastructure Development

The Foundation of a Long Lasting and Robust Business Legacy

Organizations often hire people for leadership roles with leadership skills that can be easily gained.  Then the organization trains the leadership skills that are hardest to gain.  Instead, select individuals for leadership roles with extensive track records for the leadership skills that are hard to train.  Now, you are only left to train the easy skills.

CESD Services recognizes that leadership development is not a single event.  In fact, leadership training activities form only a fraction of the equation required to embed and develop world class leaders.

CESD Services believes that leaders are developed over time via a journey through an array of leadership experiences.  We know that this journey is smoother and provides sustained results and a sustained culture when an organization has invested time and effort to develop leadership infrastructure to augment leader’s development.

There are several elements of Leadership Infrastructure which CESD Services will work with your organization to embed :

  • Development and Deployment of organization Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Development and Deployment of a distinct set of Leadership Values
  • Clearly Defined Leadership Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Identification and Measurement of Leadership Capabilities (Identify leadership development gaps)
  • Development and Deployment of Leadership Development Systems which are designed to close individual and group capability gaps
  • Succession Planning that is liked to Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Development and use of Leadership Metrics
  • Leadership Recognition Programs

Leadership Coaching

Firm Fair and Friendly – The Leadership Balancing Act

Being a leader means the responsibility for establishing a professional relationship with employees rest firmly on the leaders.  Employees must be able to accept and follow the leader’s suggestions for performance improvement.  At the same time, leaders must be able to set standards and provide an example.  Add to this that the leader seeks to have a professional, yet caring relationship with their employees.

Balancing these requirements is challenging.  CESD Services will help to build the capabilities of your leadership team to be able to act as coaches and help others succeed.  When employees succeed, the leaders have succeeded.

We provide knowledge and practical tools to help leaders identify gaps in performance outcomes, and determine the root cause behind the gaps.  With over 30 years of experience, we can provide realistic and practical solutions and advice to your leaders that will enable them to effect positive change in their workplaces.

In our workshop, we discuss :

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Motivation
  • Perception and Perception Errors
  • Employee Performance Gaps and Who Owns the Situation (Solution)
  • Coaching Performance
  • Structure of Coaching Sessions
  • Dealing with Employee Escape Mechanisms

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